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      Global Support

      With global strategic locations we are able to support our partnered customers in every region of the world. Our offshore facilities give you a price advantage for high labor content or hand intensive work. Rapid offers you a total manufacturing space of over 110,000 square feet.


      West Coast - Anaheim, CA (Headquarters)

      Rapid Manufacturing
      8080 Crystal Dr.
      Anaheim, CA 92807
      Phone: (714) 974-2432
      Fax: (714) 974-1782
      Email: rapid@rapidmfg.com

      * East Coast - Hudson, NH

      Rapid Manufacturing
      32 Executive Drive
      Hudson, NH 03051
      Phone: (603) 402-2269
      Fax: (603) 204-5678

      Mexico - Ensenada

      Rapid Manufacturing
      Prolongación Boulevard Costero
      2672 Colonia Carlos Pacheco,
      Ensenada, Baja California
      Mexico, 22880
      Phone: 01(646) 177-2833
      Fax: 01(646) 172-4756

      P.R. of China - Shenzhen

      Rapid Manufacturing Shen Zhen
      Building A2, A3, Xingye Technopark,
      New Buxin Road, No. 23, Tongle Community, LongGang District,
      Shenzhen China 518116
      Phone: 86-755-84265728
      Fax: 86-755-84265570

      * Indicates Engineering Sites - These sites are not certified to ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100 or ISO/TS16949.